Meet your personal brand expert

Mulling over your business idea but wondering how it fits with what you are all about?

Setting up a side hustle but looking for clarity on purpose?

Carrie-Ann Wade from Cat’s Pajamas is our personal brand expert in the AWEsome Women’s collaboration and as part of our latest online learning module Carrie-Ann will support you to define your personal values and ensure there is alignment with your business.

Carrie-Ann talks you through thinking and exercises aimed at gaining clarity on your values and understanding why this is so important when it comes to your business/ brand.

This sits alongside sessions with Jane Galloway from Quiet The Hive and Lorna Reeves from MyOhMy Events to really help you reflect and reset so you can move forward in your business journey.

You can sign up to AWEsome Women Online and for an investment of £99 you get instant, unlimited access to the online module with videos and workbooks all aimed at helping you to find your awesome.

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