Awareness will help you find your AWEsome

Part of our mission is to support you to find your AWEsome.

One element of that is to focus on awareness. Awareness is the knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

Team AWEsome want to support you to become more aware, conscious of what matters to you and how you can ensure you are building a life that takes that into account, whether that is through your business, side hustle or career.

We can help you become more time aware. Time can feel like a commodity that is hard to come by. We want to help you find more time to focus on your priorities, maximising your time to benefit you.

We also want to support you in becoming task aware, ensuring that you are aware of the tasks you do regularly and identifying which of these tasks you should prioritise to move your forward with your business/ career journey. Ensuring you are being productive with your time and tasks also means needing to be results aware. Are you achieving your vision and getting the results you want from what you are prioritising?

And finally, here at Team AWEsome, we want to ensure we are supporting you to be more self-aware. Self-awareness is so important to ensure you really clear on what is important to you and how you can move towards your desired vision and goals.

Come along to our AWEsome Women’s Retreat or sign up to access AWEsome Women Online to start the journey to find your AWEsome!

Jane, Lorna and Carrie-Ann x

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